2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (2023)

How do we find the words to tell you? We love Argentina so much, we hope you do too. But we are not going to convince you, we prefer to let you be enchanted by the country. If it starts as a song, let your music carry your steps. Of course, 2 or 3 weeks in Argentina is not enough to discover all its treasures; especially if you care about the environment (more on that later). With that in mind, we offer you what we think is the best Argentina itinerary for your short stay there; either as a freshman, sophomore or even as a veteran.

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2 weeks in Argentina without taking the plane

You've heard so much about Argentina's wonders that you want to see it all. Buenos Aires, Iguazú Falls, Patagonia and the Perito Moreno Glacier, and a glass of Mendoza wine in between; 2 weeks should be enough right?

So no. Because such a route would involve a round trip of 9,000 km (5,600 miles) and take the plane 4 times. Plus the 2 flights in and out of the country – actually too high an ecological price for a 2 week holiday. You can check it on thiscarbon calculator.

It is important that we minimize our carbon footprint by flying as little as possible. That's the reasonall our routes in South America are overland, with a lot of bus transport and no flights.

A country the size of Argentina presents a dilemma: either you need a long vacation to explore it; or you make long bus journeys, sometimes half a day or longer; or you agree to join a specific region.

If you only have two weeks in Argentina, flying in and out of Buenos Aires, we recommend staying in this part of the country. The arid Northwest, the mysterious Northeast, the wine country and the breathtaking Patagonia will have to wait for another opportunity.

Your 2-week itinerary could therefore look like this:

  • 5 days Buenos Aires
  • 1 day trip to Tigre, with a canal cruise, street art views and a visit to the beautiful Museum of Fine Arts
  • 2 dagen in San Antonio de Areco, lives ingauchocourtyard
  • 4 days Montevideo(Uruguay)
  • 2 days in Colonia del Sacramento(Uruguay), the little colonial jewel on the other side of the Rio de la Plata

Now if you're ready to spend a few nights on the bus, our itineraries below will take you to different latitudes...

For more practical travel tips, read our Argentina backpacking guide

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (1)

Argentinascript 2 weeks

There are several regions where you can spend 2 weeks of tourism in Argentina.

You can focus on Patagonia in the south, visit the Perito Moreno Glacier from El Calafate and Mount Fitz Roy from El Chaltén, to the Tierra del Fuego National Park and Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world; maybe even cross the Beagle Channel for a full-day trip to Antarctica.

How about spending time in the Lake District around Bariloche, which we visit on our 3 week itinerary. These areas are very far apart, so the only way to take them all in two weeks is to fly every few days; but that shouldn't even be an option, not only considering the environmental impact, but alsothe consequences for your health.

We think you'll treat yourself to a holiday in Argentina when you arrive and depart from Buenos Aires airport. So we build thisland route as lusin northern Argentina. This gives you time to enjoy the urban delights of the capital before heading to the remote northwest, the most traditional part of the country.

We are sure you will enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, colorful rock formations and wilderness.pueblo's.

Travel 1-4Bons ares:
  • San Telmo
  • Palermo
  • Mei Avenue
Travel 5-6Cordoba:
  • Sierra a day out
  • Museum of the Ferreyra Palace
Travel 7-8Salty:
  • neoclassical center
  • Living folklore
Reis 9Humahuaca:
  • village life
  • o hoornokal
amounts to 10Purmamarca:
  • mountain of 7 colors
  • tilcara
is 11legs:
  • village life
  • save salt letter
  • Santo Antonio dos Cobres
is 12Cafayate:
  • cafayate kloof
Reis 13Rosary:
  • the river bank

You can also change this itinerary to spend a few days in Uruguay, Argentina's little cousin. Find details in the 3 week itinerary.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (2)

2 weeks inArgentinaroute

Although this entire Argentinian route can be covered by public transport, we recommend that you rent a car in Salta. This gives you more freedom to explore dusty and less traveled roads.

One thing to keep in mind: Northwestern Argentina is at a high altitude, a landscape they "puna". Headache or nausea are common among travelers. It is good to give your bodytime to acclimate. This means no running, no jumping, no sex and abstaining from alcohol on your first day in Salta. You can do it?

  • 4 days Buenos Aires

Some might say that 4 days in Buenos Aires is a long time. For us who fell in love with the city and stayed for 2 weeks, it would be too little. Actually, 2 weeks in Argentina is not enough; Are you sure you can't push for another few weeks?

Anyway, you're here now, so where are you going? There are hundreds of places, events, parks, impressive buildings, museums, street dancers, eateries, flea markets, etc. As a beginner, you can focus onSan Telmo,Palermo,RecoletaeMicrocentrumifMei Avenue.

The best is to checkall our favorite things to do in Buenos Aires

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (3)

If you are different from us and quickly tired of the capital, there are moretravel daysBroer Buenos Aires:


Uruguay's capital is smaller and quieter than Argentina's, but just as beautiful; visit more neoclassical buildings, more parks and more waterfrontsRiver of silver. Montevideo, just 2 hours away by ferry, is safe, friendly, modern and will enchant you.

Sacramento Colonies

This precious colonial city is also just across the river in Uruguay. It is only a 1.5 minute ferry ride and welcomes you with cobbled walkways, small shops and cafes and old colonial houses.


Although far from our favorite destination, there is a place in the Paraná estuary called Tigre. Only 1 hour by train from the capital, many people from Buenos Aires spend their Sunday there; many even have a summer house on the water. We thought the canal cruise was bad enough; but we absolutely love itart museum(both in and outside).

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (4)

They are Antonius van Areco

On this side of the river, thisgauchoThe city is the most famous place to discover rural Argentina. A land of strong men with mustaches and drinking buddies… yes, all of Argentinababy buddy. Some agencies suggest day trips from Buenos Aires, but staying overnight on a farm is also a good experience.

  • 2 days in Córdoba

Cordoba itself is not a charming city; especially if you are from Buenos Aires you will not be fascinated by the architecture or the cafes. However, it is a university town, so partygoers will find plenty of bars and clubs.

We were seduced by the collection ofvisual art museum Evita(in Spanish), in the beautiful neoclassical Palacio Ferreyra. ISLANDCapuchin Churchis another highlight of Córdoba, with the possibility to visit in Spanish. At night, the sunset is particularly beautiful from the greatSarmiento-park, southeast of the city center.

But that's not why we brought you here. The real beauty of the region lies in "mountain range of Cordoba“, the mountainous landscape in the west. It is an area of ​​low mountains around a raging river, with a few beaches along the banks. Get on another busVilla Carlos Pazor scroll further downwhite slope. There is a nice riverside walk leading toHippiesstrand;wild camping is possible there. The scenery is also beautiful on horseback.

See our photos ofCordoba in Sierra

It might be a good idea to make another stop in Córdoba at the end of this 2-week itinerary; it would be a way to shorten the long journey back to Buenos Aires.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (5)
  • 2 day Salta

The bus to Salta takes half a day, so it's best to download your favorite podcasts in advance. It is a beautiful city with colorful baroque buildings and also the gateway to a more traditional part of Argentina.

The landscapes here are hot and dry, high and rocky. The population is more indigenous, taciturn and used to hard work. The old customs are still alive, it is a land of fairs and folkloric groups that dance in the squares. Gives you a first taste ofBoliviaand a dizzying view of the Altiplano. Enjoy the city, the beautiful architecture and the strong contrast to what you have seen so far.

We do not recommend goingTrain to the clouds(“Train to the clouds"); this railway built high in the Andes at 4,220 meters (13,850 feet) is now a tourist trap that gets shorter as it gets more expensive.

If you canrent a carfor a few days you will not be disappointed. There is stillbusgo anywhere, but the northwest of Argentina is the perfect setting for a road trip. You'll drive on dirt roads that wind between fields of cactus and lunar-like rock formations; pass abandoned villages that look like something out of a western; stop at remote cemeteries and dusty churches that appear out of nowhere.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (6)

That is also possiblethe hitchhiking, we can say that from experience. But of course you can waste time and you won't be as free as you would like on your Northwest Argentina itinerary.

Start dreaming:Our hitchhiking adventure in the northwest of Argentina

  • Road trip: 1 day to Humahuaca

And then we set off. Take your time along the way and stop where the wind takes you. You can skip the big city of Jujuy, which is very uninteresting.

If you don't have a car, the frequent buses to Humahuaca can get you there in 5 hours. This small village is a bit of a tourist haven, but it remains beautiful and rustic. Souvenir shops, restaurants and hostels abound for backpackers; but also an authentic feel through folkloric events in the main square and traditional handicrafts.

Among the many attractions around Humahuaca is the highlighto hoornokal, "the mountain of 14 colors". There is no public transport to get there, you can book a ride, rent a car or hitchhike. We were there and we only counted 10 colors but we were still impressed by the beauty of that mountain. It is not only in the colors, but also in the exciting shapes that Mother Earth has formed over time.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (7)
  • 1 day to Purmamarca

If you drive further north from Humahuaca, you soon reach the border with Bolivia and the beginning ofa new itinerary. Let's go back and explore some more villages in the area.

Located about 45 kilometers to the southtilcara, which was an important place during the Inca period. They used to store the metals here that were mined in the surrounding colorful mountains.

Yes, the Incas ruled the region for half a century; but Tilcara's main attraction, an archaeological site that they "pucara", even earlier. It's a fortress with a viewHumahuaca, remainder ofomaguacacivilization - do you recognize the name?

Drive another 25 kilometers and you will arrivePurmamarca, the smallest of the 3 villages. It flourished in a small place to house a village, between the legs of several mountains. One of themmountain of 7 colors, a rainbow of red, green and yellow. Walk in all directions, climb one of the rocky hills to get a view of the village, the mountains and the setting sun.

  • 1 day to persimmon

Here, very close to Chile, was a lake;save salt letterit is now a salt desert, where the crisp white kisses the blue sky along the horizon. If you've seenSalar de Uyuni, the white monster, the salt buildings and the abandoned train tracks are sure to bring back fond memories.

About 150 km from Purmamarca,Santo Antonio dos Cobresit is a small mining town that seems frozen in time. Despite being a regular pit stop for tours, it's not a very happy place; quite poor and abandoned, as if isolated from the world. But it will be an interesting stop on your tour, with places serving lunch.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (8)

The atmosphere is more pleasant in the beautifullegs, 150 km to the south. The people lying under the trees in the large central square, and especially the typical whitewashed church, reminded me of many westerns from my childhood. I expected to hear someone playing the harmonica any minute now. But no one did, so I got some cheese."fried tortilla' from the lady on the corner. Then I fell in love with the northwest of Argentina.

  • 1 day in Cafayate

You can drive further south on the RN 40 and explore a landscape of bizarre rock formationspueblo's. But you don't want to miss anythingThe Shells-kloof(also calledcafayate kloof). It is a valley of multicolored rocks on either side of the RN 68 that connects Salta to Cafayate. Allow 3 hours to arrive from Cachi, via a winding road that goes uphillCardones National Park.

There are many tour operators offering half day tours in the valley, stopping at the most interesting places. But if you have a rental car, it is possible to discover it yourself. Just be sure to drive slowly and stop where you see a sign or a group of tourists taking pictures.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (9)

cafayaatitself will be a safe haven at the end of your day on the road. It's not as cute as Cachi, but it has a cool backpacker vibe. You can visit one of the wineries that produce the sweet whitetorrents, if that's what you like. As for us, we went for a craft beer in their wood-lined space and were completely satisfied. Tomorrow there is soooo much bus ride waiting for you; but remember you can share it with a day stop in Córdoba.

  • 1 day Rosario

After so much time on the road, with your head spinning from the altitude and dirt of these remote places, it's good to be back in the city! Rosario is Argentina's third most populous city and is known as the birthplace of Che Guevara. Or maybe no one knows about it, but it is.

Well, the city's most notable feature isthe seacoast, a pleasant promenade on the banks of the Paraná River. Curiosity: the water you see flowing comes from the south of Brazil, about 4,500 km away. And you thought you had traveled far! There are also beaches in the northern part of the city and it is possible to swim in the (brown) river.

Rosario is a vibrant city where you can immerse yourself in the usual urban pleasures. Good restaurants, trendy bars,tasty bakeries, and the impressive resting place of Manuel Belgrano. The creator of the Argentine flag ("the clouds open to let the sun shine") sleeps under it foreverNational Monument to the Flag.

Those of you missing your dose of culture can visit Ernesto Guevara's birthplace; or better yet, bothMuseums of fine art and contemporary art(in).

But it's time to take your last bus to Buenos Aires...

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (10)

Tour Argentina 3 weeks

Vibrant cities, street food, museums, mountains, lakes, beaches, outdoor activities, wine, hiking, old trains, ice cream and whales... Experience all this and much more thanks to our 3 week Argentina tour. We built it as a circuit to and from Buenos Aires when you are on a simple vacation in Argentina.

Argentina is safe to visit, so go and enjoy!

Travel 1-3Bons ares:
  • San Telmo
  • Palermo
  • Mei Avenue
Travel 4-5Cordoba:
  • Sierra de Cordoba
  • museums
Trip 6-7Mendoza:
  • Tasting wine
  • outdoor sports
Trip 8-9San martin de los andes:
  • walking tours
  • Hot chocolate
Day 10-12Bariloche:
  • spire hill
  • small circuit
  • Craft beer
Reis 13The scholars:
  • walking tours
  • blue river
Day 14-15Skeleton:
  • Los Alerces National Park
  • Game Patagonian Express
Journey 16-17Puerto Madryn:
  • Peninsula Valdes
  • peaceful fauna
Travel 18white bay:
  • Is!
Day 19-20Montevideo (Uruguay):
  • the river bank
  • parliament
  • Rhodos-park
is 21Cologne (Uruguay):
  • historical centre

We ended these 3 weeks in Argentina with a peaceful trip to Uruguay. Crossing the border is completely smooth and hassle free. But if you don't feel like it, there's plenty to see and do in the other destinations.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (11)

Itinerary of 3 weeks in Argentina

Here everything is so scattered that you have to travel long distances by bus. This itinerary helps you cover a large part of Argentina on a budget, in the relatively short time available to you; stay on the ground and never fly once.

  • 3 days Buenos Aires

metItinerary of 2 weeks in Argentinaover.

  • 2 day Cordoba

metItinerary of 2 weeks in Argentinaover.

  • 2 days in Mendoza

The Mendoza region is finally gaining attention as Argentina's premier wine region. Not bad for a former desert! There are manyvineyardsto visit, south of the city, especially near a small town calledLujan de Cuyo.

You can visit most of them on your own, as long as you have a car; Be sure to contact them in advance about their opening hours and tours. A handful along the RN 40 are accessible by public transport if you plan well. But for a more pleasant visit, agencies offer wine tours from downtown Mendoza.

The surrounding area is also a paradise foroutdoor activities. Water sports such as kayaking and rafting take place in and around the areapotrerillos-reservoir; climbing, paragliding, ballooning and ziplining in the Andes; and hiking and horseback riding everywhere. Activities can be booked again.

Our favorite activity was walkingAconcagua Provincial Park, at the foot of America's tallest mountain.

Start planning:How to spend a day hiking in Aconcagua

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (12)

Whatever you choose, exercise or drink, be sure to take a nap during the long bus journey to your next destination.

If you don't fancy spending 18 hours on a bus, the city of Neuquén offers just one strategic pit stop. If that's your choice, check out the (free!)art museumclose to the city's Central Park.

  • 2 days in San Martin de los Andes

Welcome to Argentina's little treasure trove, a treasured landscape of pristine lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains. A region for walkers, hikers and horizon watchers, but also for beer and chocolate lovers. Do I have your attention?

San Martín de los Andes is the first stop on our Lake District route. It is a small town with surprising Swiss wooden architecture, located on the coast ofLakar meer. Flanked on 2 sides by mountains, it offers many hiking opportunities for all levels; try the ones that go up to the 2 great panoramic viewsArrayan viewpointeBandurria's point of view.

a trip toRosales lagunewith an easy half day walk back into town, it's a perfect day out. One look at the lakeside beach, followed by a hearty meal with a hot drink or local craft beer, and you just might fall in love with the place.

This is where the conversation beginsThe Road to the Seven Lakes(The Road to the Seven Lakes). As the name suggests, it is a scenic road with beautiful views of 7 different lakes. It is actually a 190 km stretch of the RN 40 that connects San Martín to Bariloche.

There are buses that run for 4 hours, but they don't stop to take pictures. If you have a hire car you are safe otherwise you can do as we did and hitchhike all the way.

Start dreaming:Read our Lake District hitchhiking adventures

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (13)
  • 3 dagen in Bariloche

The capital of the region attracts many visitors, both nationally and internationally. University students like to come here to party by the lake in one of the town's clubs.

Don't worry about the confusion. You'll be out of town most of the time, on trails that lead to the peaceful shores of the lake or another great vantage point. You can spend days exploringNahuel Huapi National Park, and there are still many highlights nearby. We posed the question to several locals and they agreed: you never get tired of the landscape.

There are a few must-haves here, more than can fit in a three-day visit. Awalk to Refugio Freyclimbing Cerro Catedral is one of them; coming withsmall circuit, on foot or by bike, to discover hidden lakes and the most breathtaking views; goes upspire hillfor 360º visibility at night; more craft beer and chocolate...

We had no problems driving to all points. The people here are incredibly friendly and helpful.

Start planning:Our favorite trails near Bariloche

  • 1 dag in El Bolson

Two hours by bus or a walk is the hippie village of El Bolsón. I'm not the one calling her that.

Despite being so close, El Bolsón offers some differences from Bariloche. The place is less and less built up. The surrounding nature is darker and it rains more often. Many attractions, viewpoints and natural attractions are subject to payment.

I'm afraid you have to choose between the highlights of the city:I can alone, perfect for a picnic;blue river, for a short walk to a great viewpoint;Piltriquitron Hill, for a longer hike up the mountain.

Once done, a bus will take you to Esquel in 3 hours.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (14)
  • 2 days in Esquel

The houses seem stuck at the bottom of the valley, between a barren mountain and another overgrown with pine trees. The morning fog usually lasts until early afternoon and the sun quickly disappears.

So put on your hiking boots and hit the roadLos Alerces National Park. This is where the action, or rather the inaction, lies - few visitors take the time to discover this beauty. The soothing silence of the area is perfect for bird watching. Deep blue lakes surround a mountain covered with deep green forests. We know you've seen this before, but does it make you sick?

Los Alerces National Park is one of oursbest multi-day hikes in Patagonialist

Fans of old railways will want to check outOld Patagonian express train, preciousPaul Therouxand Bruce Chatwin; is exhibited at the city station. Esquel's exit via the rails is also recommended and brings melancholy images from the filmStay by my side. Did you see it?

Would you rather visit Patagonia alone? check out our postHow to plan a trip to Patagonia

  • 2 dagen in Puerto Madryn on Península Valdés

Cross the country on a night bus to reach Puerto Madryn. You may wake up at the exact same latitude as Esquel, but the landscape is completely different.

You are no longer behind the Andes, but on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. We must warn you; you are not here for the city which is average at best. You are here for the unique ecosystem that brings the most exotic wildlife to the Puerto Madryn area.

if you've always dreameddiving with sea lions, visiting onepenguin colonyofwatching the whale, your time has come. While some of them are visible from the shore, it cannot be compared to a boat trip that brings you up close. There are plenty of these tours, so don't believe the warning online that says they will "probably sell out". Argh, how I hate this!

But important: our whale friends are not there all year round. you can see themfrom June to December;in the first months they are closer to the city, in the last months closer to Península Valdés.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (15)

Whale and dolphin safari boats take you toUNESCO World HeritagePeninsula Valdes; while the penguin colony is alivetombo punt. OPunta Loma Nature Reserveawaits you with more surprises.

There's a lot to see in just 2 days, but hey, you'll at least want to try it. And if you're wondering about the names of Puerto Madryn and other towns in Chubut province, which come from Welsh immigrants who settled there, along withmany European immigrants, late 19th century.

  • 1 dag in Bahía Blanca

Another night bus and you'll arrive in Bahía Blanca, an unassuming town strategically located halfway through Buenos Aires. Isn't this handy?

So fair enough you can skip Bahía Blanca if you're okay with a long bus ride. Otherwise, you can rest in one of the city parks or admire the neoclassical architecture. There are worse places for a pit stop. There is also very good ice cream in town; but my favorite is the common good and very cheapCaramel syrupFrozen cappuccino from Grido Helado.Very tasty!

One last night by bus and you are back in Buenos Aires. But this time you have to take the morning ferry across the river.

  • 2 days Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay has a lot in common with Buenos Aires; Furtherexcellentthe end of the centuryarchitectureit's atthe river bank, the vibration is different.

It's smaller, quieter and somehow it feels like everyone here is family. We met someone who told us "you always find people you know in Montevideo". Yes, 2 days later we met him again.

We loved wandering the beautiful streets and entering random old buildings to see what they were. Our best recommendation is to take the elevator toroof of the town hall. It offers the best views and explanations of many city attractions. AtourDoingparliamentconstruction is also a great way to gather information about Uruguay and understand this unknown country.

If you're there on a Sunday evening, follow onecandombe groupthrough the cobbled streets of the Palermo district. It's an experience you can't forget! day,Rhodos-parkit's a great place to relax.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (16)
  • 1 dag in Colonia del Sacramento

Since you are in Uruguay and have 1 day left before your flight, why not visit another place? Colonia del Sacramento is a small riverside town just 3 hours from Montevideo. There is a direct boat that arrives in Buenos Aires in 1.5 hours.

Ohistoric districtthis colonial city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we understand why. Small cafes welcome the attentive visitor along peaceful cobbled footpaths. The location along the river is nice and quiet and we like to admire the sunset over Buenos Aires.

Uruguay still has a lot to discover, just like Argentina. But that's for another trip...

Discover more natural wonders with our selection ofNational Parks of Argentina.

More best places to visitArgentina

If you already know these travel plans, where should you go for 2 weeks? There are still many places of interest that do not fit into an overland itinerary in Argentina. And imagine if some people want to visit Argentina in 10 days!

Here is a list of places you should consider if you are e.g. 6 weeks in Argentina; or if you are visiting the country for the 2nd time. Let's add more destinations to your Argentina bucket list!

  • Vandfald i Iguaçu& Puerto Iguazu
  • Villa La Angostura in Villa Traful
  • Los Arrayanes National Park
  • Ischigualasto Provincial Park
  • Talampaya National Park
  • Ibera National Park
  • Chicano
  • Glacier National Park
  • the end of the world train
  • San Ignacio and other Jesuit missions
2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (17)

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina budget

As of January 2020, the Argentine economy remains in difficulty and inflation is rising. The budget we are presenting here today can – will! - change over time. This should be to your advantage as the Argentine peso loses value. Let's hope the country finds economic stability soon!

Unlike Colombia, Peru or Bolivia, negotiating prices is not something in Argentina.

So the cost of2 week trip in Argentina, including cheap accommodation (hostels, hotels or camping), bus transport between destinations, access to the Evita de Córdoba Museum and Pucara de Tilcara, and day trips to El Hornocal and the Cafayate Valley can be around:

20,000 Argentine Pesos ($330 USD / €300)

For usItinerary of 3 weeks in Argentinaincludes accommodation and bus transport, plus entry to the Evita Museum in Córdoba and Los Alerces National Park, an expensive whale watching tour and a visit to the Houses of Parliament in Montevideo, with an estimated budget of:

38,000 Argentine Pesos ($630 USD / €570)*

these valuesdoes not include food, drinks, transportation from the city or a souvenir you want to take back to your loved ones. But these things are usually cheap, so it shouldn't weigh heavily on your budget.

*Travel budget of 3 weeks is high due to frequent travel and long distances.

When is the best time to travel to Argentina?

Except in the far north, Argentina is a temperate country with 4 distinct seasons. Remember that in the southern hemisphere it is the opposite: summer runs from December to the end of February.

We believe that the best time to visit most countries is the low season to avoid high season prices. We mean a few weeks between bad weather and tourist season; or vice versa, between the tourist climate and the bad season. In Argentina this will beprimavera(October to mid-December) orval(April to mid-June).

Note that Patagonia is beautiful in winter. So it can be great to visit if you can catch a cold. Also research the best time to see wildlife if you want to see whales, dolphins or mosquitoes.

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (18)

What to pack for 2 or 3 weeksArgentina?

So, what to wear in Argentina depends on the time of year you travel, but also on the region you visit. ISLANDThe Lake District is blowingand the wholePatagonia stays coldeven in summer; it is better to wear several layers of clothing. The northwest, on the other hand, is dry and can be very hot.


  • normal clothes for the city
  • (nice outfit to tango)
  • hiking clothes(technical t-shirt, pants,boots, of &thick socks)
  • scarf and windblock for the Lake District/Patagonia
  • a hat or something elseprotect your head; sunglasses


  • are usualresponsible travel package: foldable bag, reusable cup, water filter, packed lunch, cutlery
  • -ina carafe of waterit will be very useful for your walks, especially in the hot northwest
  • sunscreen: even when it is cloudy, you are often very close to the sun
  • Camera
  • Useful phrases and words in Spanish
  • bus travel entertainment
  • -insleeping bag- also for couchsurfing
  • a tent if you go camping

Read how we feltwild camping without a tent

Back in the bustling city for your last night before heading home. Walking through the vibrant streets at night will make you think back to all the beauty you've seen in just 3 weeks in Argentina. So many photos etched in your memory - so many wonderful memories. How do you find the words to count them? As for us, we love Argentina very much, we really hope you liked it too.

Are you planning a trip to Argentina? Looking for other types of destinations?
Contact us for a personalized itinerary in Argentina!

I like that? Fix it!

2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (19)2 or 3 weeks in Argentina [self-guided tour] - Green Mochila (20)

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Is 2 weeks in Argentina enough? ›

Two weeks is the prototypical vacation length, and you'll need every day of it if you want to explore a country as sizeable as Argentina. You could embark on a combo tour that mixes wine tasting in Mendoza with hiking around the southern Lake District city of Bariloche.

Is 3 weeks enough in Argentina? ›

If you have a little less than 3 weeks in Argentina, you can still see some of the country's most stunning attractions. Start in Buenos Aires and head to Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes for penguin and whale watching. After that, you'll visit Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet.

How to spend 3 weeks in Argentina? ›

Argentina itinerary 3 weeks
  1. Kick off your Argentina itinerary 3 weeks in: Buenos Aires (2 days)
  2. Puerto Madryn (3 days)
  3. Bariloche ( 3 days)
  4. El Calafate (2 days)
  5. Option 1 – El Chaltén (3 days)
  6. Option 2 – Torres del Paine, Chile.
  7. Ushuaia (3 days)– Last days of your Patagonia Argentina itinerary 3 weeks.
  8. Buenos Aires (1 day)
Jul 5, 2022

How many days do you need to visit Argentina? ›

You need at least one week to visit the most popular attractions of Argentina, such as Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and the wineries of Mendoza. However, if you want to go further afield and down into Patagonia, we recommend a minimum of two weeks, but preferably one month of travel.

What time of year is best for Argentina? ›

When to travel will very much depend on where you want to visit. We consider Argentina springtime (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June) to be the best times to visit Argentina, avoiding the tourist crowds and peak season prices.

Is Argentina expensive as a tourist? ›

Lucky for you, right now (2023) it is extremely affordable to travel Argentina on a budget. Not on a strict budget? You can access luxury properties at a fraction of the cost it would be in the US or Europe.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Argentina? ›

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is April. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Argentina flight deals.

How expensive is Argentina? ›

As of this writing (March 2021) Argentina is quite affordable for those bringing in high-value currencies, though it's more expensive than most other South American countries. If on a tight budget, expect to spend as little as US $22-30 per day, including hostel accommodation, cheap eats, and local public transport.

How much money should I bring to Argentina for a week? ›

The average price of a 7-day trip to Argentina is $1,331 for a solo traveler, $2,254 for a couple, and $1,189 for a family of 4. Argentina hotels range from $39 to $196 per night with an average of $68, while most vacation rentals will cost $60 to $350 per night for the entire home.

What is the 60 40 rule in Argentina? ›

The current 60/40 rule requires corporates to refinance 60% of their maturing principal in order to access hard currency at the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina (BCRA) for the remaining 40%.

What not to miss in Argentina? ›

Here are some of the best things to do in Argentina which will make a difference in your vacation and let you enjoy the finest experiences.
  • Iguazu Falls. ...
  • Perito Moreno Glacier. ...
  • Buenos Aires: The City of Barrios. ...
  • Ushuaia: The End of the World. ...
  • Puerto Madryn and Valdes Peninsula. ...
  • Tierra del Fuego National Park. ...
  • Mar del Plata.
Mar 23, 2023

What is 1 tourist attraction in Argentina? ›

Iguazu Falls

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls consists of a collection of waterfalls fed by the Iguazu River. Drawing in millions of visitors annually, the falls are a stunning natural attraction that inspires awe, whether seen in pictures, videos, or in person.

What is the best way to tour Argentina? ›

Buses are the best option for budget travelers in Argentina

Long-distance buses are the most popular and cost-effective way to travel around the country. Known as micros, they are generally modern, comfortable and reliable, with air-conditioning, toilets and reclining seats.

Do you need Covid test to enter Argentina? ›

COVID test is not required when arriving in Argentina.

What do I need to know before going to Argentina? ›

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Argentina
  • It is vast. Argentina is huge. ...
  • You could stay in Buenos Aires for months. ...
  • Get ready for meat sweats. ...
  • And wine hangovers. ...
  • Start late, end late. ...
  • They speak Spanish, but not how you imagine it. ...
  • It is home to most of Patagonia. ...
  • The economy is incredibly volatile.

Is 2 weeks in South America enough? ›

Two weeks in South America is not enough time to see everything that the continent has to offer. This trip will take you to the very best of the continent's incredible landscapes so you can decide on your own personal favourite. Make sure you have a trusty travel camera for this one… you're going to need it.

Is 10 days enough in Argentina? ›

Although you could spend several months exploring this sprawling country, 10 days in Argentina is enough time to see its major highlights and attractions. Whether you're relaxing in the rolling vineyards or trekking through the icy glaciers, check out our recommendations for a 9, 10, or 12-day adventure in Argentina.

How many days can I stay in Argentina? ›

Private U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. Diplomatic or official passport holders must obtain visas prior to arrival.

How long is enough in Buenos Aires? ›

How much Time to Spend in Buenos Aires? A minimum of three days. That way you can see a lot of the city's main sights without having to travel at a breakneck speed.


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