Second screen detected, but shows no problem. [Resolved in 2023] (2023)

Choosing two monitors is the best solution for multitasking. When you use two screens at the same time, you can drag programs and windows to separate screens and work easily. Dual monitors are perfect for graphic designers who process multiple programs at the same time. It may happen that you buy a new and expensive monitor to connect it to the system as a second monitor, but it does not connect. When was2nd screendetected but not showing the problem? This problem can be due to two main reasons.

One reason could be a problem with the screen itself while the other could be a problem with the computer. When such a situation arises, it is important to solve the problem immediately so that you can multitask effectively without further interruptions.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why the second screen is detected but not showing the problem. And we will also discuss ways to solve this problem. Let's find out the causes and solutions to this problem.

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1- Are you using the second screen for the first time?

Now the question arises whether you are using the second screen for the first time or earlier.If you are using it for the first time, it is obviously a new situation you will face, so don't worry. maybemonitoryou connect to the system and you have hardware problems.

However, if the same monitor connected to the system without any problems, but did not show up this time, it could be onedriver or software problem. You need to focus on the software and other things to get rid of this problem.

2- Restart the computer

It probably sounds weird, but it really works. Restart your computer. This may resolve the issue automatically. When the computer restarts, the PC needs time to start up and check all systems, including monitors.

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Why do we recommend restarting your PC? The reason is that when we install the second monitor along with the drivers and software, sometimes the PC cannot recognize it. The computer has doubts about what should be given priority and therefore does not show the second screen. But the computer effectively categorizes all functions on the second screen when it restarts.

3- Try different settings

Select other settings to resolve this issue. Connect the second monitor to different portsto find out if there is a problem with the port you connected it to. Another way is to connect the main monitor to the same port you tried for the second monitor. If the main screen does not appear, there is something wrong with the port and not the portmonitor.

Connect the second monitor to the computer and remove the main monitor. If it works, it's a sign that the second monitor is fine, but do something with the settings or drivers to fix it.

4- Update the drivers

When a PC is not responding to various gadgets, the reason could be driver updates. Check your graphics card's video drivers before connecting the second monitor. Properly update the video drivers to pave the way for immediate connection of the second monitor. Sometimes newer monitors cannot connect to PCs because they are outdated. Thus, updating the drivers can fix this problem quickly.

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5- Viruses can cause the problem

When you try to connect the second monitor, but it does not appear, viruses may be responsible. Install antimalware or antivirus software and scan your computer. In fact, viruses are not the primary cause of this problem. But you should check your computer to make sure that viruses are not the cause of this annoying problem.

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Ways to fix the second screen but there is no problem

You have gone through all the possible reasons why the second screen has been detected but shows no problem. Now let's talk about the solutions.

1- Change the screen settings on the 2nd screen

When the second screen is detected but not showing, it is most likely due to a problem with the settings. To change the settings, simply right-click on the desktop and select "Display Settings". Under the heading Multiple displays you will see the option “Display”, click on it. Windows will start detecting the screen automatically.

The other way to change the display settings is to click the Windows key + X. A shortcut bar will appear, select Device Manager here. There you will find "Display adapters" and "Displays". You can easily check whether Windows has detected your graphics card or not. Errors with a yellow warning indicate that there is something wrong with the driver.

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2- Completely check the hardware

To resolve the issue, remove the primary display and connect only the second displayyour computer. If the screen still does not appear, there is a hardware problem in the screen. Use a third monitor with your system or connect your second monitoranother computer to clarify where the problem is. Also check the cables and replace them if you find any damage.

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3- Update or reinstall the graphics driver

Once it is clear that the hardware is fine, you should perform the software updates. Outdated graphics can make it difficult for the second monitor to properly connect to the system. The simple solution is to update the graphics driver. And if you had already updated your graphics driver, reinstalling would be a better solution.

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To update images, select Device Manager and then Display Adapters. Right-click on the graphics card to update the driver software.

4- Run System Restore

If the second monitor worked fine with your PC, but when you installed the software, it stopped responding. For such a problem, you need to perform a system restore to bring your PC back to its previous state. If your computer stopped showing the second screen when you installed a Windows update, uninstall it. You can restore Windows to a previously installed version so that the second monitor can connect without any problems.

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5- Update the Windows operating system

By upgrading your Windows operating system, you can enjoy fast dual screen operation. Search for the update options in the control panel or use the Windows search bar to update your operating system. Never forget that modern monitors will not work with older Windows operating systems.

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6- Scan your PC after the update

After you have finished updating your Windows operating system, it is extremely important to scan your PC. By doing this, you remove bugs and malware viruses from your computer that can affect system files. Excellent antivirus software is essential to effectively remove malware errors from your computer.

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7- Reinstall the Windows operating system

You have applied all the methods, but the problem persists. Choose the last option: reinstallWindows operating system. This completely restarts the computer and deletes some programs and their data. The downside is that you have to reinstall deleted programs later. You should keep a backup copy of your personal information somewhere else so that you can save it back to your PC after reinstalling the operating system. Be sure to select this option after trying all other procedures.

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